Hey everyone

i've been looking for this fic i wanna read.
its an eunhae fic (surprise surprise)
and i think the plot was along the line of Eunhyuk having to get married cuz of the pressure from his parents
but he keeps sticking to hae and giving hae hope but he always ends up breaking his heart.
also there was this part where hyuk asks hae to come over his house and hae's all happy but when he goes,
he talks to hyuk's sister and she says, something like, "do u really thing hyuk would go back against my parent's expectations for you?
he's gonna get married accept it." something like that...

does anyone know this fic?

thank you ^^

Taking requests!

hey everyone =)
so i've had alot of time lately to write fics
but because of school, i won't have time in a couple of days so fics will be posted once or twice a week
also i'm willing to take couple requests for new fics
friend me/ask me to friend you, read my first fic, see if u like my writing and then if u would like i can take requests.
(the first chapters public, but the rest is locked so if u wanna keep reading, ask me to friend you!  i won't make u answer questions or nething)



im very new here
well unlike most ppl, i didn't create a journal account to better my writing skills...  i just do it for fun
so i will be writing a couple fanfics i guess when i have time.
they will be angsty, have complicated plots, but always end up as a happy ending. Thats the kinda story i like.. lol i kno im wierd
but if anyone happens to stumble on this page your welcome to talk to me.
oh and i kinda suck a writing lol
thanks so much~